Oh, Like You Haven’t Been Busy

March 19, 2009

All right, yes, I’ve been quiet. Too much going on, you know? Like monitoring my child’s education. My oldest son, for instance, is in Kindergarten. A recent assignment: Come up with a three-letter word that starts with “Z” and draw a picture of it. “Zip” was by far the most popular choice. My son…well, my son went another way. See for yourself:


I had never even heard of zits until I was 12.


This is Your Brain on High Fructose Corn Syrup

February 14, 2009

Yes, I Am Here

February 5, 2009

Now then, this is quite the honor. I’m pretty excited to be doing this, because it gives me a place to post ridiculous things about my kids without having to worry about technical stuff. I stink at technical stuff, as evidenced by the timeliness of this post. You see, I signed up for this WordPress account back on Friday or so and sat here for a few days wondering when I would get the “green light” email from Sarcastro.

Then it finally dawned on me just now: maybe the one email I got from Word Press was the email I needed. Turns out–>that was the case. Sadly, that’s the highpoint of my technical skills. anyway, there will be all sorts of things to come about my two boys (pictured below). Unless, of course, I change my mind. Which I of course have the right to do. By the way: “I have a right to change my mind” is what women always say, liek they;re making some grand philosophical point. Well, who said you didn’t have the right to change your mind? It’s a free country. You have every right to change your mind; you just have no right to expect everyone else to go along without a lot of grumbling.

Whoa, off-topic. Sorry. Let’s go back to the kid thing. My wife Lisa and I have two: Thomas, 6, and Benjamin, 2. Eventually, you’ll get a picture, but not at the moment (see, “stinking at technical stuff” in the first paragraph). Thomas is in Kindergarten at Crockett Elementary in Brentwood, a perfectly fine school because it is filled with children whose parents tend to think of school as a place to learn things as opposed to the “school-as-day-care-center” model favored by so many in my former home of Davidson County, not counting of course those die hard public school advocates who send their own children to the academic magnets or, if they’re especially egalitarian in orientation, University School.

For his part, Benjamin attends pre-“school” twice a week. I put quotemarks around “school” because let’s face it: he’s 2. The kid gets one-page “report cards” each time he goes, one-fourth of which is devoted to how many times he crapped his pants. I’m not making this up, and when I figure out how to post a damned picture on here I’ll prove it. Promise.

Agent of Change

January 25, 2009

Effective whenever the hell he feels like it, blogging sensation Roger Abramson will be joining the staff here at When’s The Fun Part.

There’s no money in it for him, just the satisfaction of knowing that maybe a dozen more people might discover his talents. Although, they are probably the same dozen people who already read his blog. Either way, it’s a “win-win”.

So keep your eyes peeled for his inaugural post. Coming soon. Unless he changes his mind. In which case, never mind.

Where Did I Leave This?

January 22, 2009

I almost forgot about this blog.

Time to dust it off and put it back to work.  This time I’ll need some help.

Stay tuned for an announcement that may change your life!

This Will Shut Grandma Up

December 16, 2008

“Put up more pictures! When are you going to update your site?”

Here you go. Merry Christmas.

I'm Screaming of a White Christmas

Out of Gas

September 22, 2008

Sunday was the Big Day. It was Game Day. Due to a variety of extenuating circumstances, we decided that it was time for Sarcastro Jr. to experience his first NFL event. The Titans of Tennessee were facing the Storm Ravaged Evacuees of Houston on the gridiron. The crowd was already in a foul mood when the players took the field. Many ticket holders had waited several hours in line to top off their half-filled gas tanks just prior to the game. Most blamed the visiting team for failing to ensure the prompt delivery of gasoline, weather be damned.

As is tradition, we started with some pre-game drinking.

What unfortunately follows that sort of indulgence is the usual anti-social behavioral problems.

Followed by a sense of euphoria.

Followed by a nap. Not unlike the Texan’s offense.

We left the game early, so as not to be ejected by the security staff. Thus missing personal favorite Cortland Finnegan’s interception and 99 yard runback for a touchdown. Children are a curse.

All of that excitement naturally required another nap. Lucky kid.